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​     With the recent outbreak of Bed Bugs in the Rapid City and surrounding areas they have been of very high concern with all of our customers and we can give you the knowledge and services to rid your home or business of these insects that multiply very quickly. They are easily introduced into homes and businesses as they hitchhike onto clothing and luggage. We have several methods of treating furniture and beds so it is not necessary to dispose of these expensive items. We use odorless to low odor products that are safe to use around pets and children when properly applied.     

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     At Black Hills Pest Control we try to work with our customers to better meet their needs with any pest related problem or special need that may occur. Whether it may be letting a person know about home repairs,  clean up, or how to figure out a better solution to your problems. All of our staff is trained and licensed through the state of South Dakota for residential and commercial pest control application. With 28 years experience in pest control and customer service we will always put our customers first to make sure that they are happy. 

We provide a variety of services including:
​     The most common Cockroach in the area is the German Cockroach. Although we have worked to rid customers of other types of Cockroaches  the German Cockroach are the most common and can be controlled by a variety of methods either for a problem that is already pre-existing  or for preventative measures. Cockroaches can hitchhike into a home or business from deliveries or on luggage after you have traveled. Homes and businesses make a good harborage as they provide plenty of warmth, water and food.

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​    Flies can become a health issue as they can spread many bacteria. In the Black Hills and surrounding areas many of our customers who live in or have a vacation home in the hills have had problems with Cluster Flies. We have several methods to treat and manage fly infestations in homes, businesses and food service locations.                             

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If you have any question concerning the treatment or have questions concerning an unrecognized pest problem please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you and your needs.
We service many homes throughout western SD and N E Wy for general pest control and pest prevention. Rodents, ants, spiders, crickets, boxelder bugs and any other pest that crawl or fly can be successfully controlled. Many of the pest problems we have in SD are seasonal and vary from year to year with our ever changing weather. We use odorless non-staining products that are long lasting and safely applied in order to insure the comfort and security of your pets and children.

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Yes -- we do have termites in SD and Wyoming. They are subterranean termites and can do considerable damage over a period of time. They like damp areas and sandy soils and will usually do damage in basements and crawl spaces and floor joist initially. Many times people will dismiss the swarming termites as flying ants so that termite problems may go undetected for years. We have preformed termite control in nearly all of western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming, as well as Colorado and Arizona. We also provide termite inspections for lending institutions, home inspection companies and individuals. There are several excellent products for termite control and it is not necessary to vacate your home during treatment. 

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